Frank McElhaney Bottles - Automatons 1927-28

  • Published on:  18/02/2012
  • Frank McElhaney Bottles - Automatons 1927-28 Here is the first video of my great grandfather's automatons in bottles, built and displayed around 1927-1928. Now housed in the Connellsville Historical Society's Gibson House museum. I'm not in charge of helping to refurbish some of these to working order and craft a new display talking about his life and inventions. Some of the bottles were made as "sample" displays to show corporations like Coca-Cola how they could advertise their products in a new way in Drugstore windows, etc

    Frank McElhaney also is the inventor of the rear wheel on the airplane (patented) and the patent for the rear wheel brake skid on airplanes, and improved rudder function for stability in flight. Many of his patents were used by the US Government and implemented on aircraft of World War 2.